If one has to rank the most ancient game ever played, it would certainly be backgammon. Having originated in modern day Iraq and Iran around five-thousand years ago; the game quickly made its way to the Roman Empire, and then spread across the world from there. It has become one of the most recognizable games and the board with its twenty-four triangular divisions is known to everyone - from kids to adults. Children received backgammon boards as gifts on their birthdays and they grew up playing the game, and as adults popularized the game, which is the reason for the huge demand that exists today for backgammon games.

Bwin Casino and a few other casinos catered to this demand, by bringing this game online, giving millions of people an easier way to enjoy their favorite board game. The best part about the whole thing is that the casino offers people a chance to play free online backgammon.

This helps new players learn the game, as it is a known fact that just reading from a book is not the same as practically playing the game and learning the nuances. Since Bwin also offers instructional material on how the game of backgammon is played, players can go through it and practice it with the free games offered by the casino. Once they improve their skills at backgammon and are sure they have mastered the game, all they got to do is deposit to start playing the money game.

With free backgammon paving the path for many a new comer, no one is left behind wondering if they would lose money because of lack of skill and knowledge. Check out the free backgammon games at Bwin and turn an expert within a short time.

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