Avoid Cross Betting Roulette

There are many ways for players to place bets in the game of roulette. The most common techniques involve placing bets on one or more numbers, but other bets can be placed that broaden the range of ways a player can win. Players should avoid cross betting in roulette because it decreases their odds of winning dramatically.

How Cross Betting Works

When players decide to make multiple bets in roulette, there are two ways they can do it. They can bet on sets of mutually exclusive numbers, or they may choose to bet on sets that have numbers in common with other wagers. The latter practice is known as cross betting and although it may seem like a great way for players to prevent certain losses, it also prevents wins just often enough to make it less than beneficial. For better odds of winning, and more paylines to choose from, try the slots here.

Example of Cross Betting

As an example, a player may choose to place a cross bet of $10.00 on odd numbers and another $10.00 on red numbers. There are four more detailed groups to consider--numbers that are both red and odd, numbers that are red but not odd, numbers that are odd but not red, and numbers that are neither red nor odd. If the ball lands on a number that is in the first group, the player wins $20.00. If a number from any of the other groups is called, the player either breaks even or loses; this means there is only a one in four chance of a successful cross bet.

Roulette is a game that is intended to be played for fun by people who enjoy the thrill of taking risks while letting luck dictate their wins and losses, but everyone likes to win. Using techniques like cross betting may seem like a surefire way to cover all of the bases, but it is almost never worth the effort.

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